Hamblen County P-16 Council

The link between an educated citizenry and a healthy economy


The Hamblen County P-16 Council will create a strong and sustainable school and community partnership to coordinate and/or provide a comprehensive set of programs and supports for preschool through grade 16 students.


The Hamblen County P-16 Council will bring together stakeholders from the private and public sector to promote and develop competent, caring, and qualified educators in grades P-16; strengthen connections, communications and smooth transitions to improve student learning, parent knowledge and community commitment/involvement at all levels; and increase public involvement and awareness of the link between an educated citizenry and a healthy economy.


Educators - Will help identify and impact key issues affecting the quality of education in Hamblen County and will promote smooth transitions and eliminate barriers between different grades levels, institutions and community organizations.

Students ­–
Will have input into what constitutes quality education in Hamblen County

Community –
Leaders and citizens will have an opportunity to identify and impact key areas affecting the quality of education and the workforce of Hamblen County.

Social Services –
Will have the opportunity to identify educational issues impacting at-risk populations in Hamblen County.

Government – Can use input from participants to positively impact public policy and funding decisions.


The Hamblen County P-16 Council divided its work into four focus committees to sustain momentum, develop support, and define and target activities to promote interaction and involvement of community, education and government.

Strategic Sustainment          Community/Collaboration          Educators          Students


Leadership – Hamblen County P-16 Council is governed by five co-leaders and a part-time coordinator

Meetings – Three Council meetings are held per year with  additional committee and co-leaders meetings as needed

Format – Lunch meetings with participants divided into focus groups. Each member must choose to work on at least one committee. Committees identify work which  can be council focus or committee focus


Fund and facilitate educational efforts that encourages dialogue among County Commissioners, school board and administration officials,  and the community

  • Formation of community collaboration committee
  • Revival of Hamblen County Commission education committee
  • Gathering and disseminate of education  information to county commission and community
  • Development of educational measures of success


Develop and launch comprehensive marketing campaign in support of public education

  • 12 week awareness marketing campaign of P-16
  • Quality education value marketing campaign
  • Citizens  guide to question to link education to  a healthy economy


Recruit, Retain and develop qualified educators

  • Incentives for quality educator recruitment
  • Professional development
  • National Board Professional Teacher Standards
  • Inclusion of Hamblen County educators in collaborative committee
  • Grow our own educators video
  • Publicize highly qualified teacher credentials

Ensure continuity and consistency of quality education throughout P-16

  • Collaborative efforts and consistent communication with regional P-16 council
  • Hamblen County school individual brochures
  • Parent advisory council
  • Student advisory council
  • Newsletter
  • Dual enrollment between high schools, Technology Center, WSCC, City Council
  • High School Leadership class
  • Imagination Library collaborative effort
  • Imagination Library “Ms. Eva the Reading Engineer” television. Show on local community access
  • List of what HC P-16 members bring to the table
  • Financial support

2006 Strategic Plan

  • Make education the number one issue of the 2006 elections

  • Education Forum

  • 12 week  education value marketing campaign

  • Develop and disseminate education material and value building tools

  • IML Bookmobile

  • Artmobile

  • Solicit regional and state financial and technical support




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