Strategic Plan 2009-2012

What is P-16?

P-16 is the shorthand term for a student-focused, comprehensive and integrated system that links all education levels from preschool (P) through post-secondary. It is a powerful framework for citizens and policymakers to use to improve teaching and learning and thus better prepare students for living, learning, and working in a changing world.

Mid-East Regional Mission Statement

Consistent with the statewide guidelines for TN P-16 initiatives, the Mid-East TN Regional P-16 Council will collaborate with the ten-county area to link regional youth in Pre K-16 to education, career preparation, workforce and economic development promoting an educated citizenry and healthy economy.

Mid-East Regional Vision Statement

P-16: 10 Counties Working Together and Improving Lives through Education

 Mid-East Regional Goals

  Increase public awareness of the link between an educated citizenry and a healthy economy

  Strengthen connections and smooth transitions between Pre-k-12 and higher education to improve student learning at all levels

  Promote access to competent, caring and qualified teachers in grades P-16


Strategic Plan 2009-2012
Initiative /Goal Objective Action Items Progress to Goal Target Date Completed Assessment
MATHEMATICS                      Goal:  Improve student math skills through teacher access to professional development activities that incorporate learning styles and current technology Increase teachers' math skills integrating technology, curriculum mapping 1)  Identify and solicit college instructors to conduct teacher training                                                   2)  Provide technology training including the use of Smart Board   Summer 2010   1)  Participant evaluations through pre and post tests                                                               2) Demonstrated use of technology with increase in student math ACT scores
  Improve college readiness in math by providing training for high school administrators and faculty on use of Explore, Plan and ACT 1)  Host 1 math workshop for area teachers to prepare students for college readiness in math and improve national testing scores.                                           2) Obtain Remedial Need Score Report from ACT                                          3) Provide space and assist ACT presenters with workshops to area administrators, faculty and counselors                                             4)  Encourage student interest in math by providing challenging activities including the middle school Math Bowl   Spring 2010   1)  Increase in ACT math scores for first-time college freshmen for 2011 and decrease instruction in number needing remedial math requirements                                            2)  Use report information to assist schools with curriculum development                                          3)  Increased number of participants attending ACT workshops yearly                                          4) Number of participants / students who engage in skills development
READING                      Goal:  Provide educators skills to improve reading at all grade levels through training and identification of curriculum gaps Provide examples of best practices to teachers of reading Seek both outside sources, regional and area resources for training providers and modeling of best practices   Spring 2010-2012   Best practice training shared and evaluated by reading instructors within 10 county area
  Increase  understanding of QEP goals of learning and teaching Teachers will be exposed to experts in the field of reading   2010-2012   Evaluation of participants through pre-post test; Post workshop evaluation allowing participants to rate usefulness of information
WORKFORCE PREPARATION / ADULT LITERACY                      Goal:  Provide a qualified workforce for economic sustainability, through competency attainment in soft skills, project based learning and degree or certificate completion, with the ability to seek, obtain, and retain a job. Decrease the gap in understanding between the classroom and workplace by identifying and addressing skills gaps, workforce shortages, and language barriers. 1)  Support awareness activites with the Clean Energy Grant Initiatives                                            2)  Support Spanish workshops for acquisition of basic Spanish   Fall 2009-grant period   1)  Council minutes to note activities and progress                                                                                   2)  Participant questionnaire results verifying the usefulness in working with the Hispanic population
  Improve information and links to labor market data/trends, needed education/training and workforce preparedness for current and future employment opportunities of students 1)  Develop 3 new career pathways for students with adult entry points within Public Safety (EMT), health science, and Industrial Tech (Elec)                                                                 2)  Generate list of number of high school graduates who enter post secondary training within established career pathways                                                                  3)  Provide in consort with Perkins IV an 8-12 grade counselor workshop on facilitation skills for transitioning students                                                                  4)  Offer a Women in Technology Camp for rising 8th and 9th grade girls in college service area Work with division deans to develop career pathways Fall 2009-Spring 2010                                                                    1)  No less than a total of 9 of 13 pathways will be completed in five of seven clusters                                            2)  Increased of high school graduates entering post secondary training in college yearly                                                   3) Counselor workshop evaluation                                                      4)  Instructor and participant evaluations; increased awareness of opportunities available in non-traditional careers for females
  Increase soft skills development to improve employment opportunity Support workshops in conjunction with WIA for student and adult training   Fall 2009-2012   Number of workshop topics and participants 
  Expand student opportunity for secondary and post secondary credit through cross-curricular training and multiple delivery methods 1)  Design curriculum standards for dual enrollment and dual credit courses                                   2)  Meet with LEA instructors in areas identified by CTE Directors for dual credit/dual enrollment College instructors have been asked to serve on high school curriculum committees in the 16 cluster/pathways areas Fall 2009 -2010   1)  Align and uniform high school curriculum to post secondary              2)  Increased number of dual credit assessment classes and students in technical areas                                                                      3)  At least 3 dual credit or dual enrollment enrichment classes implemented in 2009-2010 academic year utilizing an alternative delivery method
WORKFORCE PREPARATION / ADULT LITERACY                      Goal:  Provide a qualified workforce for economic sustainability, through competency attainment in soft skills, project based learning and degree or certificate completion, with the ability to seek, obtain, and retain a job. Promote responsible attitudes for the workplace through responsible training in driving practices Continue partnership with local industry to deliver pre-permit driver safety course to high school freshman in the region Have served over 2,879 students within college service area since inception of program Ongoing   Increase in students served due to ongoing partnership
  Strengthen linkage between the education system and workforce systems by offering industry links to the labor market and other resources 1)  Market opportunities for teachers to access labor market resources and to provide students knowledge on labor market trends and forecasts to educate for the workforce                                                               2)  Assist teachers in accessing employer groups and industry spokespersons   Fall 2009-2012   1)  Counselor workshop activities providing students workforce information                                                              2)  On-line resource information links provided for teachers
LOCAL COUNCILS                      Goal:  Promote and support the development of local P-16 councils Increase the quality of education within the P-16 college service area by forming a new local council Assist with formation of one new council yearly In process of forming a new council in Jefferson County September 2009-2012 Fall 2009-2012 All program requirements completed for council status from state P-16 council
  Regional council will support existing local councils by attending meetings and assisting with projects as appropriate Attend local council meetings within our area of responsibility   Ongoing Fall 2009-2012   Success of local council projects
TECHNOLOGY                      Goal:  Increase awareness and use of available classroom technology and promote the goals of P-16 through web media Demonstrate use of current technology by utilizing QEP learning styles in development of P-16 web site Keep web site current on a monthly basis applying learning concepts linked to QEP goals Updated P-16 web site to include information for general public and council members; provided the Strategic Plan  and accomplishments; set up calendar of activities and links to helpful sites Yearly   Web page providing monthly updates
  Promote community access to technology through broadband connection Host forums and panels to increase awareness of and determine needs of broadband access   Ongoing   Improved access to broadband for business and individual consumers 
  Increase access to dual enrollment opportunity for rural schools and students without internet access or computers 1) Determine schools and market dual enrollment for the TBR Lap Top Project                                                  2) Provide data on retention and pass/fail rates of students                                              3)  Support Tandberg Training for local school systems Lap Top Project concluding at end of Fall Semester September 2009-May 2010   1)  Successful follow-up report of pass and retention rates of minimum of 50 students enrolled                                                           2)  Number of trainings and schools utilizing video streaming
TEACHING QUALITY INITIATIVE                      Goal:  Increase student learning through improving teaching quality Support the teacher education program of the college aligned to the State of Tennessee evaluation and professional growth frameworks 1)  Continue support to the college education department in articulation efforts to four year colleges and universities                                              2)  The AST will become the default degree for education majors   Ongoing   Number of AST students who complete the AST and successfully transfer to 4-year colleges
  Provide teachers tools for addressing teaching and learning styles College staff will conduct at least 1 workshop on QEP training       Assessment of teaching styles and student learning styles identifying measures of engagement  and student learning outcomes
  Assist teachers in the process of life-long learning through training and implementation of the latest research-based instructional strategies, content knowledge, and technology 1)  Receive support from the university education programs    2)  Conduct teacher training in the thoughtful classroom strategies Dr. Hal Knight, Dean of ETSU College of Education will address the regional P-16 Council 8-Oct-09 8-Oct-09 1)  Techniques reported by LEAs and college instructors that show proven results in student achievement                                         2)  Number of attendees at training sessions