Outstanding Accomplishments





All program initiatives for the Mid-East Council evolve from strategic planning sessions.





Facilitated the development of two local councils



Hamblen – 2004

Claiborne – 2005


Established the Mid-East TN Regional P-16 Council Scholarship that partially supports 500+ students each year to take the Freshman Experience – transition to college course.

Spring 2004

Fall 2004 – 502 students served

Fall 2005 – 562 students served

Fall 2006 – 397 students served

Formed partnership with HC*EXCELL (local education foundation), Kiwanis, Hamblen County Public Library, Hamblen County P-16 and the U.S. Post Office to deliver the Imagination Library to 1500+children ages birth – five.

Summer 2004

Delivered 1,624 books to preschoolers -

 January 2007

Delivered 1,606 books to preschoolers –

February 2007

Utilized WSCC Channel 7 to broadcast Imagination Library Story time every Friday evening at 8:00 p.m. 


Spring 2005


Hosted FOCUS – Finding Opportunities for Children’s Uninterrupted Success - 95 childcare center directors and kindergarten teachers to receive a presentation from Connie Kasha, and Sandra Williamson form the TN DOE on the new TN Early Childhood Early Learning Standards

Spring 2005


Created and maintain http://www.p16.org web site for communication and awareness of P16 efforts in our region.


Summer 2005



Supported bringing two (one private and one public) 2+2 B.S. in elementary education programs; a M.S in Education; an Ed.S. in educational administration to the WSCC Campus in Morristown through a partnerships with ETSU and LMU. 


Fall 2005

The ETSU B.S. cohort is in the process of selecting the 2nd class of students.  LMU Ed.S. cohort is complete.  ETSU Ed.D. is in progress and a 2nd  ED. D. cohort is about to begin.  LMU B.S. cohort suspended due to lack of interest.

Hosted regional workshop Bringing Subject Area Teachers: A Math ACT Workshop – Speaker Dr. Joe Dell Brasel Senior Consultant from ACT Atlanta field office.


Fall 2005

Attended by 65 public education 9-12 grade math teachers and curriculum coordinators, 5 WSCC math faculty (collaborative consultants), 2 WSCC administrators to learn about the ACT College Readiness Standards.

Hosted 3-day College Readiness Math Summer Institute and best classroom practices to meet ACT transition skills addressing using assessment in the classroom, college readiness ACT standards. 

Summer 2006

Attended by 45 area high school math teachers and 5 college math faculty

Began partnership with local industry (MAHLE Inc., AAA, and TN Driver Improvement Inc.) to deliver Pre-permit Driver Safety course to high school freshman in the region.  We will be meeting with the Director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for statewide possibilities in September 2006.

Spring 2006


Served 1000+ high school students

Hosted a two day workshop in conjunction with Tech Prep for high school information technology teachers in HTML and web page design.  (19 participants representing 7 of 10 counties.)


Spring 2007

19 participants representing 7 counties.

Held a strategic planning session at the February meeting.

Spring 2007

Identified four focus areas for the coming year:  Math, Reading, Economic Development and an Educational Forum

High School Counselors Academic College Readiness Information Session



Spring 2007

March/April 2007

Regional Educational Forum



Spring 2007

May 17, 2007 – Dr. Paul Ruiz, Principal Partner, Education Trust and John Morgan, State Comptroller of the Treasury

Hosted Reading Workshop featuring Dr. Tim Shanahan

Spring 2007

91 attendees – May 22, 2007

Summer workshop for teachers



Summer 2007

Math Workshop for High School Teachers, June 26, 2007 using TI84+ projection calculators