MEETING THEMEà  The Heart of the P-16 Challenge


Minutes Summary


DATE:                         February 12, 2009

TIME:                          9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

PLACE:                       Walters State Community College,

Duggins Foundation Room, Morristown Campus


ATTENDANCE:          40 attendees




SUBJECT:                    President’s Welcome                                                 Dean, Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. McCamey opened the meeting with providing a campus update and an update of the State of Tennessee’s economics.  Walters State had a record enrollment with a 38% increase on the Claiborne County Campus (largest increase) and received excellent results on licensure scores in programs that require licensures.  The State of TN led the nation on nursing licensure with WSCC exceeding the state rate.


SUBJECT:                    Welcome & Opening Remarks                                              Dean, Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Linda Roberts welcomed members to the Mid-East TN Regional P-16 Council February meeting and announced the addition of the following council members:  Dr. Gary Skolits, Connie Campbell, Sherry Finchum, Matt Garland and she welcomed Dr. Hal Knight (ETSU) and the visiting mayors in attendance.


SUBJECT:                    Updates – Review of September Minutes                    Dean Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Minutes from the September meeting were distributed to each council member present.  The minutes were reviewed and approved by the council with a motion to approve by Sam McCollough and seconded by Mayor Joe Duncan.


SUBJECT:                    Updates – P-16 Survey Results                                               Dean Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Linda Roberts discussed the results of the P-16 Survey that reflected the requests for morning meetings, 3 meetings/year, need for speakers with topics, and ideas for upcoming meetings.


SUBJECT:                    Updates – Laptop Project Results                               Dean Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Linda Roberts discussed the results of the RODP Laptop Project.  The laptop computers are the property of the school system.  There were 45 students (12 students – Hancock County) and 33 students (Grainger County) of which 4 were Washburn students.  These students enrolled in English & Math courses.  The classes were great and there were no complaints.  Plans are to continue in the Fall.





SUBJECT:                    Updates – Annual 2008 Council Update                     Ms. Cathy Woods


HIGHLIGHTS:             Cathy Woods talked about the focus areas of the strategic plan and the goals and objectives that had been accomplished through the P-16 activities.  One of the greatest accomplishments was the measurable results obtained through the math workshops and training which decreased developmental course taking by 200 students from Fall 2005 to 2007.


SUBJECT:                    Updates – Math Workshop                                          Dr. John LaPrise


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. LaPrise announced the upcoming Math Workshop scheduled for 6-12 grade math instructors. 


SUBJECT:                    Updates – Real World Design Challenge                    Ms. Cathy Woods


HIGHLIGHTS:             Cathy Woods speaking on behalf of the dean of Technical Education, Mr. Tom Sewell, that the technical design contest is on schedule and the wind tunnel should be up and running in March.  We have 21 teams planning to participate in this contest as a result of many of the high school instructors having completed Pro-E training as a requirement to the participation of their students.


SUBJECT:                    Updates – International Award                                               Ms. Cathy Woods


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. Lori Campbell, Linda Roberts, Cathy Woods, Dr. John LaPrise, and Terry Acuff were invited to attend the Chair Academy 18th Annual International Conference in Nashville March 2-5 to accept the Chair Academy International Award of Excellence.


SUBJECT:                    P-16 Challenge                                                                       Dean Linda Roberts


HIGHLIGHTS:             Linda Roberts noted that it is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday.  Each attendee received a penny (Abraham Lincoln) at their seat in honor of Abraham Lincoln.  Abraham Lincoln once said … “resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing…”  She stressed the importance to encourage teachers to want success.  “Gotta wanta” is the key to inspiring student success.


SUBJECT:                    “The State’s Educational Heart Health”                   Dr. Gary Nixon


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. Gary Nixon presented a PowerPoint presentation of the the TN Diploma Project and discussed projections and statistics of teachers and educational institutions.  Dr. Nixon stated that he is concerned with science.  Teachers appear to be teaching science as they have time instead of proficiently teaching science. Dr. Nixon suggested changing performance measures and adding live measures to approach a more proficient level.  Dr. Nixon was impressed with a google site in North Carolina called “Learn and Earn.”  Dr. Nixon noted the graduation requirement has changed from 20 to 22 credits.  A video clip, released from Educational Testing, was presented to the attendees entitled “America’s Perfect Storm”.  The county income per capita is higher and unemployment rates are lower with better educated workforce.  We have some health heart problems.  We have to work hard to dig out of this hole.  Science and middle school math are part of the keys to dig out.  We are doing better than we ever have but the world demands have changed faster than we have.  In the fields of engineering and manufacturing, we must work with our minds rather than hands because of automation.  Tennessee is working on standards more closely in line to NAPE and is working to create assessments to measure these standards. 


SUBJECT:                    Economic Heartbeat – “Education Crossroads”       Dr. Matt Murray        


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. Matt Murray, an economist from the University of Tennessee, discussed how Tennessee is losing ground and the students are the people more at risk.  The depression that TN is currently in will be deep and long and when we begin to rehire these individuals they will have skills that will be obsolete for reemployment.  If we cannot control change, jobs will be outsourced.  Our children of future generations will not have economic advantage that we have had in our generation.  Tennessee is spending in K-12 per pupil 75% of the national average on education but our per capita income is 90% of the national average.  We have chosen to not spend on education by not contributing to our capacity. Educating our citizens is the key to sustaining and improving our economy.  We must engage students at all levels to keep students enrolled in school.



SUBJECT:                    Exercises for the Heart “The Power of I”                Dr. Yvonne Thayer


HIGHLIGHTS:             Dr. Yvonne Thayer, Southern Regional Education Board, discussed strengthening the system.  She talked about the problems that occur by 6-8 grade and how kids in 6-8 grade can be identified as dropouts.  As educators, we should expect more and hold the kids accountable.  SREB programs build connections with grants and school improvement.  Dr. Thayer noted that adults should change, not the students. To close the achievement gaps, take a different perspective and provide extra help.  Teachers should work together and communicate to parents.  The Power of I is about helping students achieve by giving incomplete grades and a second chance to succeed.  The Power of I is working to improve schools.  Kids are moved through the system and at 9th grade they hit the brick wall and cannot get through it. Students are not motivated by assignments because they find no consequences of earning a “0”.  She noted how to hold the students to a standard of performing their work.  Too many students do assignments but not enough rigorous work.  Rigor = work at a different level.     Dr. Thayer encouraged educators to take a harder stand and refuse for students to drop out.  Leadership is the key. 




SUBJECT:                    Local Council Updates -         Hamblen County          Lynn Elkins

                                                                                    Claiborne County         Sam McCollough        

                                                                                    Union County               Wayne Goforth



·         Hamblen County – no report

·         Claiborne County – Sam McCollough advised the group of the plans of the new Walters State campus in Claiborne County and a vision for increasing student college enrollment.  He also mentioned the new LMU programs available to the students.

·         Union County – Steve Hill (for Wayne Goforth) – Noted that Union County has dual enrollment now – 47 students.  Union County is beginning to work with their employers to collaborate in helping their community have a vision for education.


CONCLUSION:           “To make a difference, we all have to want to make a difference.”






SUBJECT:                    Action Items / Announcements


HIGHLIGHTS:             The following announcements were made:


·         Next P-16 Council Meeting Morristown, WSCC,– April 9, 2009



The meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


Special Thanks to Phillips Food Service for lunch.


Respectfully submitted by Tammy Wells / Cathy Woods